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Securing the Yambou I Petroglyph

One of the National Trust’s most pressing aims is to secure the Yambou 1 Petroglyph which is on the site of the new Argyle International Airport. The National Trust is committed to preserving the pre-historic heritage on the Argyle site. The Trust intends to relocate the petroglyph to the proposed Escape Heritage Park half a mile from its present location. In developing the plan for this, the Trust has received the co-operation of various international experts.

An Australian team arrive in St Vincent

carnegie 7

In early 2012, an Australian team travelled to St Vincent and the Grenadines to asses the moving plan for the Yambou petroglyphs. The team arrived after a visit by a group of Egyptian archaeologists whose work at Argyle had to be cut short due to the events of the Arab Spring at home. The Australian team also made a detailed study of the petroglyphs in their current surroundings. This included a 3D laser scan of the rockface which will be used to design equiptment to cut the petroglyphs from the rockface and to accurately relocate them. The team presented a detailed report to the Trust. Replicas of the petroglyphs are on display in the Carnegie Building.

An Expert from Cuba examines the site.

An expert from Cuba, Dr Ana Cristina Perera also travelled to St Vincent, working with the National Trust for a week in July of this year. Dr Perera conducted a preliminary investigation into the proposed Escape Cultural Landscape. In doing this, she examined the petrogylphs at Argyle and proposed a pre-historic Caydoid site as part of the Heritage Park.

argyle 3
argyle 2

Surface collections across the Argyle site

As part of a wider move to preserve the Vincentian heritage at the site of the Argyle Airport, the National Trust has worked with local school children to excavate the surface of the site. This resulted in some interesting finds, such as an animal adorno, as well as helping to educate and inspire young people.

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